Few among the members availed 3N4D Holiday facility

At the time of taking Smile Card from Smile India, We were surprised, knowing 3 Night 4 Days Free 3 Star Hotel Stay facilities in such a low cost. We choose to take an experience first and then same express to others. Tiger Den resort, Corbett is hotel with really 3 star amenities and services. Accommodation in this hotel was free for us. And After tour we get back our Food expenses Rs. 2000/-. Thanks to Smile India Tourism Club.

Mr. Naik and Family – Amravati – Contact No. 9860331029

Free 3 Star Hotel stays for a family for 3 Nights 4 Days, in negligible cost” is one of the wonderful Scheme, We ever experience in our life, and Hotel Push Villa in Agra is big and provided best services to us. Smile India Tourism club is best with its words.

Mr. Sherekar and family – Akola, Contact No. 9422559909

We decided to celebrate our honeymoon at Shimla. We heard about Smile India Tourism Club and contact them. They suggested their Silver card with many other facilities in Just Rs. 2900/- with Free Hotel stay for 3 Nights 4 Days is one of them. We were afraid of taking chance. But it was great experience for us. They also refund us Rs. 1450/- against food. It was beyond our imagination. Honeymoon with Smile India tourism Club is unforgettable.

Mr. & Mrs. Atul Sawarkar – Nagpur, Contact No. 9371256321

Me and my friend are Smile Card holder of Smile India Tourism Club, We would like to avail this 3 Nights 4 Days free hotel stays facility together. Authorities of Smile India Tourism club help us in regard and our Manali tour add great memories to our life.

Mr. & Mrs. Parag Bijwe – Nagpur, Contact No. 9850325064

Feedback: We would like to trial 3 Nights 4 Days free 3 Star hotel stay facility before suggesting it to anybody else. We choose GOA for that. It was just amazing that we were getting 3 Nights accommodation without paying single rupee to hotel, we are really thankful to smile India Tourism Club.

Mr. Nerkar and family - Amravati, Contact No. 8421868218

I am the pioneer member of the company. After getting so many facilities of membership I would like to experience free 3 star hotel stay facility. I am the first person who tries 3 Nights 4 Days at Ooty with Smile India Tourism club. After getting married, we use to go to Ooty for honeymoon. Fantastic tour and excellent hotel with almost free of cost.

Mr. & Mrs. Chetan Kadu – Ashti, Dist. Wardha, Contact No. 9890634635

Smile India Tourism club was not ready for redemption of 2 cards at same date and same location. But after request they were ready and help me and my friend’s family to enjoy Ooty together. Hotel Sunshine is best with services and cleaning. Thanks Authorities of Smile India Tourism Club.

Mr. & Mrs. Satish Barai - Ashti, Dist. Wardha, contact no. - 9881565601

As a member I would like to utilize one of the smile card facilities, i.e. Holiday voucher for 3 Nights 4 Days with refund of food expenses. We thought it was impossible but fortunately it is true that company provide 3 star hotel stay for a family in 3 star ranges of hotels. It’s amazing.

Mr. Amit Gulhane and Family – Mumbai, Contact No. - 9223555689

We decided to celebrate our honeymoon at Shimla. We know about Smile India Tourism Club by our friends and contact them. They suggested their Silver card with many other facilities in Just Rs. 5900/- with Free Hotel stay for 3 Nights 4 Days is one of them. It was the best experience we have with Smile India Tourism Club.

Mr. & Mrs. Manish Tayade – Wardha – Contact No. 9960729658

My sincere appreciation to the Tour Manager of my tour. The extra efforts taken by him and his team mate were totally impressive. Being employed in the customer service industry, I am aware of how difficult it is to keep a customer happy, I have never seen such committed people in customer service industry before. I feel grateful to be one of your happy customers.

Mrs. Jyotsna Tai Kaple

We had a wonderful experience at Himachal tour with Smile India Tourism Club. Excellent arrangements coupled with delicious food and well informed tour manager made it an absolute dream vacation. The best part of the tour was that the itinerary gave us enough time for ourselves and equal time for enjoyment, activities, our trip a memorable experience. We really enjoyed the trip and are definitely looking forward to travel with Smile India Tourism Club again.

Mr. Atul Sawarkar

My age not allowed me to go on hill stations, and my family doctor also declined permission for that. With best of precautions, lot of promises to my family doctor and family members we gone to Kashmir along with 24 family members. Our tour started with a warm welcome at Srinagar airport and the warmth continued until the tour concluded. The hotels, travel arrangements, food was well taken care of. Most memorable event of the tour was the Gondola ride at Gulmarg, It was a complete surprise. This experience gave us memories to cherish for lifetime. We look forward for another vacation with Smile India Tourism Club.

Mr. Shrirang Chandak

Namaskar, I have my own company with name “Gajanan Sutgirni” at Dhamangaon Railway. As a Chairperson, I have to arrange travel for board of directors once in a year. As an inexperience company I had little trepidation about Smile India Tourism Club while asking for Nepal Tour. But it was an exceedingly well-planned, well-managed tour, with a friendly tour escort and an ideal blend of enjoyable moments. The star highlights of our tour were Ropeway at Pokhara and Jungle Safari on elephant at Chitwan. A variety of tasty and filling meals and best hotels left us with a deep longing to stay back longer in Nepal. Thanks to Smile India Tourism Club.

Mrs. Archana Rothe

Three golden days of my honeymoon…on the exotic Place of Ooty, simply unforgettable! I use to prefer my honeymoon tour through holiday vouchers provided by company’s own product, Silver Card membership. So I got the benefit of Free stay at Sagar Resort, Ooty, for 3 Nights, It was a 3* Property, Also get 2000/- Rs. Cash back against food bills, and useful Reebok travel bag also. So my Honeymoon Tour is not just cost saving, it is first cost zero tour in my life, Thanks to Smile India.

Mr. Chetan Kadu