From the desk of Chairman

Warm Welcome and Affectionate Greetings from Smile India Tourism Club!!

I feel happy and proud to introduce you to Smile India Tourism Club. Looking back to when we first opened our doors in 2010, I have been able to experience and recognize the changes of this relatively vast field of Tourism.  We believe in building strong relationship and impart rewarding World class tour experiences that shall make you satisfied and proficient traveler. Our primary focus is leisure of our traveler and successful exploitation of carefully designed tour programs. Our team of SITC act 24 x 7 for whole year with Friendly and gracious approach to assure your tour would be one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

The service industries which benefit from tourism include transportation services, such as airlines, cruise ships, and taxicabs; hospitality services, such as accommodations, including hotels and resorts; and entertainment venues, such as amusement parks, casinos, shopping malls, music venues, and theatres. The main positive economic impacts of tourism relate to foreign exchange earnings, contributions to government revenues, and generation of employment and business opportunities. It also provides stimulations to Infrastructure development and contribution to local economy.

The rapid expansion of international tourism has led to significant employment creation. Considering expansion and growth to review and improve our customer acquisition, we offer Business partnership, who often start businesses together with little planning and few ground rules. A business may be able to sustain a position in the market through retaining a loyal consumer base. But growth and development can only ever stem from a consistent pipeline of new customers.

I again welcome you all to the world of Tourism.

Best Regards
Sarang Raut
Smile India Tourism Club